Gift Basket: Organic Tea & Chocolate

$ 459.99

Get the most out of all we have to offer, this basket is the premium way to show how much you care. Our rich combinations of organics teas and organic chocolates remind us just how delicious and decadent life can be.

Organic Tea:
Organic White Tea (White Cocao Mint)
Organic Black Tea (Orange Raspberry Swirl)
Organic Black Tea (Masala Chai)
Organic Green Tea (Gunpowder)
Organic Green Tea (Kukicha Citron)
Organic Oolong (Sweet Strawberry)
Organic Oolong (Orange)
Organic Pu-erh (Chrysanthemum)
Organic Pu-erh (Chocolate)
Organic Herbal Tea (Pomegranate Osmanthus Blossom)
Organic Herbal Tea (Welcome)
Organic Mate Tea (Chai)
Organic Mate Tea (Ginger)
Organic Rooibos (Ginger Calendula)
Organic Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Organic Chocolate:
Organic Cinnamon Sichuan 60% Dark ChocolateՉ_
Organic Sage Lavender Orange 60% Dark Chocolate
Organic Lapsang Souchong 60% Dark Chocolate
Organic Lavender Vanilla 60% Dark Chocolate
Organic Cardamom Anise 60% Dark Chocolate
Organic Chili Cayenne 60% Dark Chocolate
Organic Herbs de Provence 60% Dark Chocolate
Organic Hibiscus Basil 60% Dark Chocolate
Organic Pina Colada Milk Chocolate
Organic Jasmine Milk Chocolate
Organic Honeybush Caramel Milk Chocolate
Organic Bedouin's Mint Milk Chocolate
Organic Chai Milk Chocolate
Organic Saffron White Chocolate

1 Brewing Tea Mug
1 Brown To Go Tumbler
1 Tea Pot Warmer